When the numbers of foreign investments escalated in 1980s, there was a window of opportunity for providing services in strategic communications consultancy, especially to meet the local market challenges in Public Relations. PT. Adwitiya Alembana, a subsidiary of Fortune Indonesia advertising established a corporate communications division in 1983 lead by the vivacious and exuberant Miranty Abidin. Her determination, tenacity, and leadership has brought forth the division into a separate entity under the name PT Fortune Pramana Rancang in 1986 with Miranty Abidin as the President Director and the company has flourished to what it is today, one of the pioneer and leading Public Relation firms in Indonesia.

Since its establishment, Fortune PR has ample opportunities to have worked with various clients from diverse backgrounds and problem areas including health care, technology, digital, finance, crisis management, CSR, litigation, marketing, production, sports, public affair, social marketing, and many more. Fortune PR’s foremost distinguished campaign was Sampoerna’s corporate communications campaign, that aimed in transforming Sampoerna’s corporate profile as a modern, professional company striving for excellence. Following the success of Sampoerna, Fortune PR assisted Perum Pegadaian’s with their corporate transformation program, Nestle’s pork fat crisis communications campaign and “Lingkaran Biru KB” family planning campaign.

In 2011, Fortune PR transformed itself as a full-service strategic communications consultancy, providing not only PR services, but also digital, advertisement, event, brand strategy, and social marketing. We are familiar with Indonesia, the people and the culture, we understand international businesses, we have experts in various industrial sectors, and we are willing to learn and adapt with the changes in global situation on daily basis in order to provide the best strategic communications services for you and your company.