16Aug, 2016

Ivan Christianto

FortunePR Public Relations Consultant

Ivan Christianto

Account Manager
Interested in Public relations, Corperate Communications, B2B, Technology


Communication Strategy, Issue and Engagement Power, Content Creation and Development, Trainer.

Project Scopes

F5 Networks communication program for public relations activities in Indonesia, LinkedIn communication program for public relations activities in Indonesia, Glint: Grand Launching Glints in Indonesia, Blue Coat: Introduction of Blue Coat in Indonesia.

My Articles

– Responding Quickly: Keys to Handle an Airline Crisis http://bit.ly/2rwLYLx
– Responding to Aviation Safety Crisis http://bit.ly/2rS0Np9
– What We Learn from an Aviation Aftermath http://bit.ly/2qPHE9Y
– In Response to Crisis: Learning from Two Air Disasters http://bit.ly/2rNCsRr
– How to Best Handle United Airlines’ Reputation Damage http://bit.ly/2rxlhXd
– Choosing a Right Spokesperson in an Aviation PR Crisis http://bit.ly/2v1OCr8
– PR in Crisis: Gaining Control of the Situation Quickly http://bit.ly/2vcbFjV
– Crisis Communications Guidelines for Air Disasters http://bit.ly/2uUv2Qo
– Aviation Crisis Response: Giving a Consistent Information Update http://bit.ly/2uumzot
– Showing Empathy in Crisis Communication http://bit.ly/2w7T0Jo