15Dec, 2017

Develop Skills and Productivity, Hankook Tire Indonesia Holds Education Training Program for Bekasi Communities

Jakarta, 15 December 2017 – Leading tire company Hankook Tire Indonesia again shows its concern to the communities at the surrounding plant areas in Bekasi, through conducting Education Training program. The program is planned to be conducted up to the end of March 2018, at Hankook Tire Cikarang plant training room with trainers from the Duranno Indonesia Foundation, an educational development platform that integrates programs based on holistic philosophy of education and international cooperation methods.


“Through this Education Training program we would like to contribute in improving the skills of the communities in the surrounding areas of Hankook plant, particularly the young generation, in the hope that they can become productive professionals who can develop resources at their home. This is in line with the government’s prediction that Indonesia will get bonus demography in 2020-2030, where the number of productive citizen will increase,” said Kim Jae Hee, President Director of PT Hankook Tire Indonesia.


Hankook Tire Education Training Program is also supported by Department of Education of Bekasi and is scheduled to be held for a total of 30 classes since mid November 2017. The training materials include Korean language and culture with a duration of 2 hours per class session. Not only opens opportunities for the Bekasi communities, the employees’ families of Hankook Tire Indonesia can also participate in this Education Training program to learn and hone their skills.


“This year is the first year of Education Training program. We hope in the future, with the support of all parties, this program can be conducted annually on a continuous basis with broader training materials beyond language and culture. For example what we are targeting is welding skills, and many others,” said Kim Jae Hee.


Hankook Tire Indonesia plant located in Cikarang, Bekasi is included as one (1) among 8 (eight) Hankook’s flagship global tire plants spread over the world. Since its operation in 2013, Hankook Cikarang has become Hankook Tire export base for the European region and, on the other hand, often conducts CSR programs as a form of corporate concern for the surrounding communities as well as environment around the plant.