26Apr, 2017

Enhancing Retail Performance, Hankook Tire Indonesia Held Hankook Masters Gathering

Jakarta, April 25, 2017 – Putting concern to develop its retail networks in Indonesia, Hankook Tire held Hankook Masters Gathering event on April 6, 2017. The event which took place at the Auditorium of Hankook Tire Indonesia plant, Cikarang, Bekasi was attended by the representatives of 75 Hankook Masters owners nationwide.


Hankook Masters has now expanded to 52 major cities in Indonesia, providing Hankook Tire leading products, cutting-edge technology and a complete service including tire replacement, balancing, and wheel alignment. Hankook Masters is operated with the premium concept store supported by sales professionals in addressing customer needs.


“Through this event, we want to strengthen the relationship with Hankook Masters team as they are part of Hankook Tire Indonesia’s big family. Thus, in order to get them closer, we share the strategy, vision and Hankook Tire’s product performance so that the entire team can learn deeper about the brand credibility” said Jason S. Lee, Sales & Marketing Director, PT Hankook Tire Indonesia.


At Hankook Masters Gathering event, the participants were introduced with leading products of Hankook Tire as well as advanced and automized production facilities. Going forward, Hankook Tire plans to establish the largest or mega sized Hankook Masters in Indonesia and launch particular Hankook Masters for trucks and buses.


“We continually strive to improve the quality and performance of Hankook Masters in Indonesia through the support of marketing synergy throughout the year for the sustainable business growth. Furthermore, we are also targeting to expland our retail network to several strategic locations, as well as delivering the differentiation strategy for customers. ” said Jason S. Lee.