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01Mar, 2012

Corporate Values

Fortune PR has a set of Values that are compatible with the Group’s. The Values are specified herewith. This serves as a guide to address issues in the company’s daily life. The values should be the foundation of all decision making process in Fortune PR. VALUE...

22Feb, 2012
22Feb, 2012
22Feb, 2012

Video Library

{rokbox title=|Fortune PR New Logo| thumb=|images/stories/thumbnail/logonewfortunepr_thumb.jpg| thumbsize=|151 123|size=|854 505| album=|demo|}http://player.vimeo.com/hubnut/user/user10654553/uploaded_videos?color=0d0c0c&background=c3d8e9&slideshow=1&video_title=1&video_byline=18{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|New Video Emphasizes Diverse of PR Commentary in Worldcom| thumb=|images/stories/thumbnail/worldcomvideothumb1.jpg| thumbsize=|151 123|size=|854 505| album=|demo|}http://www.youtube.com/embed/l1AXysVpZz8{/rokbox} Introduction of New Fortune PR Logo New Video Emphasizes Diverse of PR Commentary in Worldcom
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